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Roughly 100 Tapes Seized In Cohen Probe, 'Washington Post' Reports

Attorney’s Office investigation. MARTIN: The central question, as it pertains to President Trump, is whether or not this alleged payment constitutes a violation of campaign finance laws. Can you explain how that would be dossed (ph), especially if this money was used from a private account? SANDICK: Sure. So if someone makes a payment to benefit a campaign, that payment has to be disclosed under election finance law. And there are certain limits to how much money one person can give to a campaign, or one organization can give to a campaign. So what it appears may have happened here is that AMI, the company that owns the National Enquirer, made a payment to Susan McDougal (ph), who had some sort of prior personal relationship with the president. And it appears from this recording that Trump and Michael Cohen were contemplating making a payment to AMI, which has the appearance of a reimbursement payment or a payment to buy the rights themselves so that no story about this person, McDougal, would ever appear. And to the extent that this was done by AMI in order to benefit the campaign, if Trump knew about it, or his advisers knew about it, it should’ve been disclosed as part of federal election disclosures.

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A glamorous fixture of London’s high society in his younger days, he was captain of Pakistan’s team of talented but wayward stars and – with a reputation as a stern taskmaster – led them to win cricket’s World Cup for the first time in 1992. He is still known as “Kaptaan” (captain) in Pakistan. After his retirement, Khan raised funds to open a cancer hospital in the memory of his mother in his native Lahore in 1994. He has mostly shed the playboy image and made public shows of devotion to Islam, building a large political following in northern Pakistan, especially with the conservative Pashtun population. Earlier this year, he married his spiritual adviser. Khan’s previous two marriages, particularly when he wed his first wife, British heiress Jemima Khan, had captivated international tabloids. Khan started the PTI in 1996, but until 2013 it briefly held only one seat in parliament. “It’s been a 22-year struggle for justice for the people of Pakistan,” Khan told Reuters in an interview earlier this month. His party became the country’s third-largest in the National Assembly in the previous election, benefiting in part from a groundswell of support, especially from young, urban voters fed up with the country’s corruption. Supporters of Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party, celebrate near his residence in Bani Gala during the general election, in Islamabad, Pakistan. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha Khan has been critical of the United States’ policy in the region and vocally opposed drone strikes on Pakistani territory.

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