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“It’s definitely less carefree,” he said. Indeed, parents sending their children away for summer camp have new worries and swap information on which camps are tick ready. Anne Fahey-Storment, a founder of NFHF Projects, a public relations and communications company, sent her daughter to a camp in the Berkshires only after she carefully vetted it for a tick action plan. “They spray the grounds, cut the grass short, and they have the campers walk on a clearly marked path,” she said. Ms. Fahey-Storment, who also visited the grounds, noted that the camp has “a great health center on site, where they are very sensitive to any bites, rashes, etc.” If all of this seems like a lot of hyperventilating, Max DeShaw, an infectious disease specialist in Florham Park, N.J., said that he has seen a rise in the number of Lyme cases in his practice compared with five years ago. The worst situations are those that go undiagnosed, Dr. DeShaw said. “Early detection of Lyme disease is the most important way to cure it — the earlier the better,” he said. Lyme is treatable and usually responds to antibiotics.

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