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Ethiopian Airlines is in talks to take a stake in Eritrean Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam, chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines, said in an interview on Thursday, adding that a study would be conducted to determine the size of the stake. In another sign of change, the new Ethiopian central bank governor met the business community and heads of major banks and listened to their complaints for two hours while private TV cameras rolled and journalists took notes. “We are open to listen to the challenges of the business community unlike in previous days,” said Yinager Dessie, who was appointed last month. Business leaders said his predecessor was too conservative and sources in Addis Ababa said he rarely met bank executives and businesspeople and did not engage with institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Yinager pledged to meet the business community regularly and said two main concerns they raised, scant access to credit and crippling foreign exchange shortages, were government priorities. “We are working on amending regulations and directives that have caused challenges for the business community,” said Yinager, who previously served as head of the government’s National Planning Commission. He also said that sweeping changes should be expected. “It is inevitable to have a secondary market. We cannot be square and keep our economy closed to foreign markets,” he said. Ethiopian law currently does not allow any secondary markets.

?? ???? ?? all the information they needed to judge the governments actions without concerning themselves much with democratic preferences or public debate. ????? ????? Please enter the captcha Links to over 3,300 United those who dare to invest in the newspaper business have. Rupert Murdoch, in a speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, in April, 2005two years before his five-billion-dollar takeover of Dow Jones & Co. and the wall Street Journal_warned Home Updated Jan 04 2017 07:51 pm | | Share Trumps hacking feud risks alienating U.S. Intel agencies President-elect Donald Trump stepped up his criticism of the U.S. intelligence community, suggesting three million dollars a year to maintain.

Self-reported measures of civic engagement – like contacting an election official or attending a local civic organisation – dropped in Denver after the Rocky shut down. Within two years, it had only rebounded by half . More recently, political scientists Jennifer Lawless and Danny Hayes studied the effect of both closures and curtailed coverage across America on elections for US Representatives . Those races are for national office, but their voters are local. Hayes says when papers close or cut coverage, people are less able to identify who’s running, know the candidate’s issue positions and, ultimately, are less likely to vote “When local papers cut coverage there’s essentially nothing to take its place in these local communities,” he says, adding while there have been many online local news experiments they tend to be in already media-rich environments or not as focused on public affairs. This effect happens to everyone, Hayes says, even those who are considered politically engaged. “I suspect over the long term, people who are pretty politically engaged figure out ways to sort of maintain their level of participation,” he says. “I’m not sure they’ll be necessarily as knowledgeable as they were.” There are other effects too. A recent study found cities’ borrowing costs to build projects like roads and schools rose after newspapers closed – making those projects more expensive to taxpayers. As similar areas without a newspaper closure did not see those effects, they theorise that the loss of scrutiny on local government led to more mismanagement of public funds. And epidemiologists are worried about growing blind spots in health – whether its food poisoning or Zika – because of local news closures.

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Finland’s largest newspaper welcomed President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to their summit in Helsinki with giant billboards attacking both leaders’ treatment of the press. Helsingin Sanomat placed 300 signs in both English and Russian along the presidents’ routes from the airport — with some reading “Mr. President, welcome to the land of free press,” and others featuring headlines about their treatment of the media. As we welcome the presidents to the summit in Helsinki, we @hsfi want to remind them of the importance of free press. 300 billboards on the routes from the airport to the summit are filled with news headlines regarding presidents’ attitude towards the pressfreedom. #HELSINKI2018 — Kaius Niemi (@KaiusNiemi) July 15, 2018 “Trump calls media enemy of the people,” reads one of the billboards, repeating a headline from February. “Trump furious over leaks and blames media for complicating meeting with Putin,” says another. The paper’s editor-in-chief called the advertising campaign “a statement on behalf of critical and high-quality journalism.” “As we welcome the presidents to the summit in Finland, we want to remind them of the importance of free press,” said Kaius Niemi in a statement. “The media shouldn’t be the lap dog of any president or regime.” Finland is ranked fourth on the Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index. The US is 45th — while Russia, where the state heavily controls the media and many journalists have been murdered, is 148th.

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